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The “Love for Lachie” fundraising group has been established in memory of Lachie Muldoon, the loving son of Tanja and Brendan and adoring big brother to Jaime. Lachie passed away on Tuesday 13th October 2015, at the age of 10 from an aggressive form of brain cancer.


“Love for Lachie” provides much needed hope for families with brain tumour diagnosis by raising funds to help find a cure and tackle this terrible disease.


Pediatric brain cancer of this type is a devastating, aggressive and fast-growing disease.
Survival rates for brain cancer have not improved in over 30 years. Brain cancer kills more
children in Australia than any other disease and more people under the age of 40 than any other cancer.


The Muldoon family and the experts in this field strongly believe personalised medicine is the only
 hope of stopping this terrible disease. Unfortunately the understanding of an individual’s tumour to personalise the treatment takes time and money.


Each tumour is different and we cannot expect one type of treatment to work for all. The treatment
 must be personalized and targeted at the individual mutations of the tumour. Treatment
 options could include pre-approved drugs for other diseases that can be re-purposed and
 used in conjunction with other drug therapies, once the tumor is better understood.


The “Love for Lachie” fundraising group aims to provide funding to the leading cancer research team at UNSW (led by Prof Kerrie McDonald) to accelerate the speed at which personalised medicine can be offered and to improve treatment options, including access to trials for individuals diagnosed with brain cancer.


Please consider supporting the “Love for Lachie” fundraising group and help us in our mission to increase the survival rates for brain cancer patients. Finding the cure for each individual patient is only dollars away.


We aim to help fund improved treatment options to bring hope for those diagnosed and their families in the future. Your support for the “Love for Lachie” fundraising foundation is greatly appreciated.


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